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Good Morning Beautiful Essential Oil Towelette

Good Morning Beautiful Essential Oil Towelette


We are excited to offer Happy Spritz individual essential oil towelettes designed to promote an uplifting and energizing experience. These towelettes are crafted from biodegradable, sustainable plant fibers and enriched with high-quailty, steam-distilled essential oils.


Keynotes: Organic Orange and Lemon

Benefits: energizing, balancing, uplifting, mood enhancing, refreshing, purifying

How to Use: May be used on face, body, and hands before bed, at the gym, on long flights, traveling, camping, while working from home or at the office. 

- no synthetic ingredients
- vegan + cruelty free
- certified fsc + rainforest alliance approved towelette 

- one individual wrapped towelette


Happy Spritz is dedicated to donating a portion of all it's proceeds to support animal rescue, making it just one of the numerous reasons to love this company. 

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