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Green Evil Eye Energy

Green Evil Eye Energy


Manifesting the Green Evil Eye encourages a zest for living and a celebration of all the richness life has to offer, reminding us to thrive, prosper, and relish every moment.  The vibrant color symbolizes growth, renewal, and vitailty, infusing the concept of warding off negativity with a sense of joy, abundance, and robust health. 


Zoe Serenity loves the Manifestation cards by Warm Human and we are thrilled to feature them in our store. We love them so much, that we've even designed some of of our gift boxes around these fantastic cards.


Each 3 * 3 package includes one manifestation card and detailed instructions for manifesting, along wth a super attractor Magical Power Object that you can carry with you or pin to your vision board to make your dreams a reality. You can keep everything together in the bag, or carry the Magical Power Object seperately in your purse of pocket. 

Buying as a gift? Slip the card into greeting cards.
Perfect for your vision board, mirror or altar.


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